Enallaktiko Pantopoleio (Alternative Grocery Store) - Enoria Christou, Kalymnos


Our beloved grandmother, Rinio, in her old grocery store in the neighborhood, was saying....
"Do not sell to other people what you would not eat yourself"

With her wise words in our mind and based on the values of the old times,we created our Enallaktiko Pantopolio(Alternative grocery store)
We support small producers who respect nature and man.

We promote the products of our country.

We support fair trade and autonomous cooperative communities and we use renewable sources of energy to meet our energy needs.

Enallaktiko Pantopolio- The Alternative Grocery store of Petros and Marianna is housed in a traditional privately owned property, in the center of the capital of Kalymnos, in Pothia,on the only pedestrian street of the island.

20% DISCOUNT in white and rose wines bottled in 2016 and 2017!!!

Location / Contact

  • Address : Enoria Christou (Pedestrian street Patithries), Kalymnos, 85200
  • Phone : +30 22430 24567
  • Mobile : +30 6981132015
  • Email : spiritdrops55@gmail.com
  • Website : -

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