Acropolis Museum: Underground excavation opened to the public

Acropolis Museum: Underground excavation opened to the public

The excavation of the Acropolis Museum will be open to the public with the general entrance ticket. During the excavation under the Museum the archaeologists have brought to light a whole neighborhood with a continuous human presence from the classical times of antiquity to the Byzantine period.

Visitors from all over the world have visited the exhibition grounds of the Acropolis Museum - which yesterday closed their 10 years of operation - and the new "exhibit" of the Museum's -1 level excavation where the original remains of an ancient Athenian neighborhood, which for centuries has been active.

Built in the shadow of the Acropolis Rock, the neighborhood is inhabited since the 5th century BC until the 12th century AC., without missing the oldest remains. From the 4th millennium BC to the end of the Archaic years, the use of the area is mild. After 480 BC, when the boundaries of the city are widening, it forms part of the urban fabric of the ancient city, and it begins to develop dynamically.

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