One of the special forms of tourism is gastronomic tourism. The gastronomy and eating habits of a people are part of the culture of a country. In recent years, the number of visitors who are interested in getting acquainted with local cuisine, traditional flavors and attending local gastronomy events is constantly increasing.

There are many vineyards and food production laboratories in Greece that are constantly receiving tourists from other countries.

Through gastronomic tourism you can come in direct contact with locals, habits and traditions. This results in a better understanding of a people's culture and folklore tradition.

The Greek table is a combination of tasting satisfaction, entertainment and communication, as the nutritional culture of the Greeks gives an extrovert social dimension comparable to those of the ancient symposium.

Greek gastronomy has a history of many thousands of years. Archestratos in 330 BC, through his work of Hedypatheia (or Gastronomy), presents in a comic way the best-dining places around the Mediterranean and lists ancient culinary recipes. This is the first cooking book.

Greek gastronomy is based on the purity and quality products of the Greek land. Scientific studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of Greek diet on health, beauty and longevity.

The flavors and aromas are waiting to be discovered.


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