Greece is known as the country of hospitality, of warm and smiling people. They are willing to help you, to put you in their company as if they know you for years. Yet, you have met them only a short time ago.

Free from the stress of work, parents and children free of school readings, have the opportunity to swim in the clear waters and taste the delicious traditional tavern dishes. Another friendly family enjoys their dinner in the next table and you start chatting.

Your joint afternoon ride on a tourist pedestrian street, in the town square with many shops and the world or on the pavements of the old city will not be late to give birth to new friends.

The warm summers and the good mood, favor family holidays, so Greece is among the top destinations for family tourism. Start your day with a swim in the sea, beach activities and water activities. At noon you can eat some food made from pure ingredients while in the evenings you can cool off with fruit or ice cream. The choices are really many.

But there is no need to wait for the summer holidays. With Christmas holidays, you and your family can visit a winter destination and why not the ski resort. The variety of destinations offered allows vacations all year round.

Usually parents prefer destinations that are easily accessible and are close to the city that they live, so they can quickly return in case something extraordinary happens. As a consequence of the above it is preferable for summer holidays destinations in the mainland and nearby towns. Some of them are: the Argosaronic islands such as Aegina and Agistri, Nafplio, Evia, Lefkada, Paros, Nakos and finally Crete.

Some parents are trying to give holiday, an educational note, taking the time to visit a museum or an ancient monument such as the Acropolis, Mycenae and the castle of Mystras.

Family holidays in Greece will be unforgettable.


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