Cultural tourism is called the part of tourism that is related to the culture of a country or region. The interest of the visitor focuses mainly on the lifestyle of people of each place, their history, art, architecture, religion and all those elements that determine the way they live and work.

Cultural tourism includes tourism in major, historic cities and visits to cultural facilities such as museums and theaters. It may, however, include tourism in remote areas where the tourist visits monuments and historic sites.

In recent years, this type of tourism has become increasingly popular, showing that visitors are not just looking for relaxation and fun, but in many cases they are also looking for knowledge.

Greece with its long history, a history of 5000 years, offers the true dimension of historical events. It is the place where the Olympic Games took place and where the 300 Leonidas took a fight against Persians. A real goldmine of history where in every corner, an ancient fable, a myth, a real historical event is found.

The sites are countless. Starting from the Acropolis and the surrounding archaeological sites, we move to the Temple of Poseidon at Sounio. We continue in Bourtzi, Nafplion, and then visit Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The Oracle of Delphi and the Epidaurus Theater, the Knight Castles of the Dodecanese and the Minoan palace in Knossos and Festos of Crete are among the most important sources of Greek culture.

Apart from the destinations with the interesting museums and monuments, there is also tradition that is pervasive to and everywhere in Greece. It is very interesting to see and why not, participate, in local customs and events such as traditional festivals and religious celebrations.

The culture and arts of the modern times are present in the museums, theaters, galleries and events in the big urban centers of Athens and Thessaloniki. History waits for you to discover it.


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