Times have changed and everyday live requires gymnastics as a daily activity. The rhythms of life in large urban centers create the need for more and more people to find something more intense, fascinating and fun at the same time.

If you are active or if you are looking for a change in your lifestyle, then Greece is definitely the best place to test your tastes and strengths. The soil morphology and its mild climate favor outdoor activities throughout the year. The mountains cover almost 80% of its surface and its coastline is the world's largest. Holidays in Greece offer the ultimate adventure.

There are valid offices and certified schools that can help beginners by providing the right instructions and the appropriate equipment if needed, in order to feel safe from the start and enjoy the experience. The most experienced will have the chance to visit new interesting destinations through their hobbies.


By subtracting the law of gravity, they climb the rocks slowly and steadily. They are the ones who love and find shelter in the widespread climbing sport. This exciting sport does not require expensive equipment and training.

In rock climbing the athlete climbs using his physical strength, knowledge and experience. It rests entirely on the points that can be caught and pressed, such as the recesses, the lobes and the cracks of the rocks. It is a very demanding sport as the athlete recruits mental concentration, timing, flexibility, patience, good physical condition, boldness and imagination. The conquest of the summit is a great pleasure.

Kalymnos is one of the best climbing areas in the world. The excellent quality and diversity of the rocks create inexhaustible routes to the summit, waiting to be conquered. Climate conditions, breathtaking scenery and easy access to the fields have helped spread the reputation of the island as a top destination for climbing.


Hiking is walking a distance greater than 5 kilometers.

It has a wide audience as it is addressed to all people regardless of age. It fits perfectly with those who love walking and wandering in nature, mountains, rivers and seaside.

The degree of difficulty has to do with the altitude at which you are hiking and its duration. For example, in simple hiking the distance traveled can be 5-20 km, with an average hourly speed of 4 to 5 km, a travel time of 1 to 5 hours and an altitude difference of 150 to 300 meters without any territorial difficulties.

Everyone can choose an appropriate route depending on their abilities and mood. Greece is a place with countless paths. The delay in the creation of an integrated road network has often led to the use of these paths as the only safer way of communicating between remote areas and villages. Some of these old footpaths are paved and are real artworks. They continue to exist in mountains, hills and ravines.

Their revival and tagging have taken place from time to time by various clubs in order for the visitor to follow, thus having a wonderful experience in direct contact with nature. Hiking options are inexhaustible as we talk about a 3,500-kilometer network. One of the most famous hiking destinations is Farangas, the famous gorge of Samaria, in Crete. It is worth visiting during the spring that plants bloom, making the experience even more interesting.


Sailing is the art of travelling in the water (at sea or in a lake) using wind as the main source of energy. Its name is interpreted as cruising with fabric. The sails are fastened to the yachts (masts), and with the help of the air the boats, called sailing boats, are cruising the seas, making long trips.

Tame the wind and you will have the opportunity to find yourself in dreamy islands, virgin beaches with crystal clear waters and experience the thrill of sailing races.


Diving tourism is part of marine tourism and it is about navigating in the underwater environment with the use of a self-contained breathing device. Security measures are strict. People over 12 years old can get involved in diving.

The advantage of Greece is that the larger part of its continental part is washed by the sea and the length of the coastline exceeds 16,000 km. Clear waters, climatic conditions and biodiversity are the best conditions with which someone could make the first dive.

Shipwrecks, caves and unexplored dunes exist all over Greece, but specifically the most suitable destinations are Santorini, Zakynthos, Skiathos and Halkidiki. The experience of underwater diving is always a thing to remember for a long time.


If you are not a fan of underwater dives but you love the sea and want a quicker and more direct contact with it, then do not waste more time. Grab a mask, snorkel and flippers and start the observation. This is the only equipment you need, in order to enjoy the seafloor from the surface of the sea.

Dives can be frequent but not supported by technical means. You take a dive only with your breath. There are certain techniques that you can do to increase your stay time at the bottom.

Time passes awfully quickly when observing the underwater environment and can often take some hours. You might want to have a company in case something happens like a cramp. It would be better if you are in a relatively good physical condition, just in case you are faced with a more intense whip or stream.

The collection of underwater photographs is something that can easily trigger your interest.


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