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The busiest month for tourism in the island of Kalymnos is July. Then comes June and May. During these months the hotels and flights are more expensive. Kalymnos has a large number of resident citizens which means that it remains pretty active during the winter months.

Undoubtedly Kalymnos, will serve all of its treasures to the traveler during the summer. Underwater caves, chasms and shipwrecks are waiting to be explored while at the same time, huge boulders rise sharply above the sea ready to be conquered.

The celebrations for Christmas, New Year’s eve, Epiphany, Halloween and Easter will definitely drive people out in the streets, the local market and coffee shops. Therefore, even in winter time is suggested to be, a notable destination to visit.

Easter events are something that no one should miss. The whole Holy Week the mood is solemn and festive. On Saturday morning and Sunday evening of Easter, the place is shaken from the explosions of dynamite for celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Traditional songs and dances begin immediately after, and everyone is free to participate.

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