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Kalymnos is a very attractive island. Here you will have the chance to experience the view of the nice scenery across the coastline. If you move around using a motorcycle or a car, don’t rush. As you look around, you will probably find yourselves a stop near to the spots we propose. We guarantee that the view will reward you, for the road you have done to reach.

Monastery of Saint Savvas
This is an easy spot to catch. The monastery is located at the top of one of the two hills at the perimeter of the center, Pothia. There is a road that leads the whole way to the monastery gate. You will be able to see the largest part of Pothia, a clear view of the island of Kos and further away the coastline of Turkey. The plain, the mountain and the sea combine harmonically together in a single view. This is so beautiful to see!

The beach of Arginonta is a very nice place to visit. If you delay your stay, you will have the chance to see the sunset between the two ends of the Arginonta gulf. As the sun touches the water, colors change making the scenery really romantic.

Myrties - and the whole northwest section of the island - is opposite to Telendos. In Myrties the road starts to uphill again. This is where you can get the best whole season view of Kalymnos. The well-formed strait and the view behind Telendos are so magical to watch. During winter time, the wind hits the sea and produces spectacular effects with fog.

On this small island opposite Kalymnos, you will enjoy a lovely sunset view. If you visited Chochlakas beach during the day, it certainly worth it to stay a little longer and watch a miracle of nature before your eyes. Alternatively, you can enjoy the same scenery from the Saint George chapel located close to the beach. Definitely appropriate for a romantic evening and a serene ending of the day. Make sure you don’t miss it!!!

Fjord of Vathy
Before you enter Vathy and when you are still uphill, make a stop and take a break at the external side of the road. You are likely to see a narrow passage of sea between two sharp edges of the mountain. This is the look from above of the well-known fjord of Vathy. The waters are deep so boats pass from there all the time. Some climbers do not hesitate to start their way to the top from the boats in the sea. That’s something very interesting to see.

Chapel of Prophet Elijah
The chapel is the hardest spot to reach because it requires to take a two hour hiking route. It is situated at a high of 760 meters above the sea. When you finally reach the top you will be able to draw almost the whole figure of the Kalymnos island. With a clear sky and horizon Kos, Nisyros and Turkey are visible. Absolutely breathtaking.

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