Palace of the Grand Master


Walking towards the end of the knights' street in the Medieval City of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master or Kastelo is waiting for you. A magical journey to another era, in the 14th century, when the Knights of Ioannis occupy Rhodes and rebuild the castle on the foundations of the Acropolis of the Byzantine Fortress.

The castle, apart from a palace, served as the administrative center of Rhodes and the surrounding occupied islands by the knights. Its strong fortification made it one of the best fortresses of the time. During the siege of the Turks in 1522, during the fall of Rhodes, the castle remained intact due to its excellent construction.

The Grand Master's Palace is a horizontal building, built around a large 50x40-meter internal courtyard. On the upper floor there were official halls, the large hall of the Council, the dining room and the "Margarites", the special apartments of the Grand Master. On the ground floor there were the warehouses, the kitchens, the auxiliary rooms and the stables.


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