Museum of Marine Findings


The Marine Finding Museum is located in the area of Vlychadia on the south side of Kalymnos. It is a private initiative of the Valsamidis brothers, who made this very interesting museum with great effort and passion. The findings come from diving in and out of Greece and include varieties of fish, shells, corals, shellfish, starfish, shark, turtles and, of course, all kinds of sponge. In the museum are also exhibited a lot of commercial amphorae and other objects from ancient shipwrecks. In a separate wing of the museum are exhibited all the tools and equipment needed for the profession of sponge blading from 1872 until today, as well as findings of the 1st and 2nd World War (torpedoes, airplane pieces etc.). The exhibition is complemented by a collection of about 2,000 photographs related to the history and tradition of sponge divers.


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